Back to the (not so) Dark Ages

I need my laptop back!  It was my favorite friend during kid free nights; we traveled to many different locations and perused the many characters and settings.  “Click clik, tap, tap—“  Well, mainly I pretended to be busily writing (sh…don’t tell).  Facebook and Nova Science News kept me company as well. I do have my smart phone, but it is SOO time consuming to text thoughts and dribbles.


The nice (hot) guy at Office Depot stated that the computer will need to be fixed by a professional.  He *thinks* the charger port has become disconnected from the motherboard.  A simple fix, really, for the teachie, but for me, it would cost me a new machine.

Picture this:   black rectangular box atop a bunch of papers on a desk.  Frizzy haired wonder (me) attempts to open it up with a screw driver (doesn’t matter the type!), but strips the screws in the process. Somehow the top comes off revealing the bare components beneath. Magically, (*cue Wiley coyote) a cup of some low viscous liquid pours from above.  *POOF* fried computer.

Thus, this will be a $100.00 fix.  I have already spent $225 on 4 chargers in the past 1 ½ years, and the darned thing was only $350 to begin with.  Should I spend the money to fix it?

This rant was brought to the surface by the desire to edit/discard old work.  After many hours of trials and tribulations, the files were *finally* retrieved off my old PC hard drive.  All my hours of creativity and sweat condensed down into one ity-bity jump drive space.

That said, there is a silver lining to this storm cloud; my long neglected notebook gets to be ink splattered once again!

What do you think: Should I go through the trouble of fixing said computer, or rejoice in my old pals ink and paper?  How do you draft your musings- paper or computer (or smartphone)?


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