Calling all artists and editors!

I am looking for someone to illustrate and edit my children’s book, sunrise and sunset in the fairie realm .  I want to get it ready for possible publishing by the end of summer.  So, if you know someone, or at least the right direction, please feel free to leave a name!

Chapter one of the book reads front to back.  Chapter two reads back to front (flip over book), with the same illustration of sunrise/sunset in the middle.

Also, I am not happy with the name.  Help me think of a better one!


One response to “Calling all artists and editors!

  1. Hi wyspergrove – my name is Chris and I was referred to this by a mutual friend. I am very interested in helping you edit – I have some background in this. I also work with a few individuals that do art copy for a variety of different mediums who would be interested in talking to you about that angle as well. If you would like to talk more, please send me an email and I would be happy to go from there.

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