Fairy’s Ball

This poem was inspired in part by the fairy artwork of David Delamare.     I have also toyed with the idea of making this a novel, but it just hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Fairy’s Ball

I am going to a fairy’s ball

in mystic raiment of glorious red.Study_for_The_Quarrel_of_Oberon_and_Titania

The meaning of such is nothing at all
but fire-flowers dancing upon my head.
For the grass is glimmering in its blue,
and the sky glows brightly green.
The meaning of such can be nothing new
except fairy land is not what it may seem.
Glimerrella invites all to attend;
her breath excites the very air to dance.
The meaning of such one can never bend
to the will of a simple human glance.
‘Tis a privilege to see the thunder
of many magical revelations of fall.
The meaning of such makes one wonder
if the world really does exist at all.
And the wind takes her stage upon the air,
exasperating her lover, earth.
The meaning of such runs through my hair,
bringing me back to this fair one’s birth.
Now a king stag joins the mystical dance
blessing the gathering with gentle seed.
The meaning of such is found in romance
with for many of hearts will henceforth bleed.
Time wraps his hands around my waist,
beckoning me to join forever.
The meaning of such has no haste
in discovering the end of this endeavor.
In my ageless mood, books come alive,
and I fancy Aaron holding Moses’ staff.
The meaning of such I must strive
for now Aaron kneels before the calf.

And even the very rhythm of the heart

has lost memory of the outer world.

The meaning of such I must never part

otherwise my mind will forever infold.

Nevertheless, I join the festival

and frolic my life away.

The meaning of such is best of all,

for now, in fairyland, forever I stay.


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