Genetically Modified Food… Is it evil?


Like many issues that I do not have enough information about to make a stand on, I have been wondering about the Monsanto crusade and where I stand. I started with this article:  , and this blog,  and have many more to go before I even begin to understand this issue.

First of all, I am not sure if the issue is A. the company, B. against genetically modified food, C. both.

Genetically modifying food in itself is not evil. Humans have been doing it for a looong while…. but calling it cross breeding for specified trait. Granted it took generations of breeding to get the right expressions, hence changing the genetic makeup ever so slightly each generation (or the expressions of thereof of the genes). So now we have the technology to skip this long tedious process and change the genetic code directly….
Again, this in itself isn’t the “evil” part. I don’t know how the end product is any different than waiting generations for the desired result…but again, I need more information in the form of peer reviewed studies verifying this.

Most of the argument that I have come across one way or another seems to be very emotionally driven.  I don’t like to go on “gut” feelings alone.  So, if you have anything that points either direction, please share.


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