A Walk in the Park


Somewhere in the distance, civilization drones on;

But here, in this pocket of nature, its presence is only heralded by detritus on the trail.

Place one foot forward, and then another

Kicking the leaves before, leaving  soft footprints behind.

Watch the sunlight trickle between the fingers of the trees,

Giving light to all weary walkers.

Step lightly over the steadfast bridge, rubbing hands along the knotty pine rail.

Be as the cat on yonder log-

Eyes shut, ears wide open, listening to the creek’s gurgling song.

Glide away from the bridge,

stepping onto a trail worn smooth by many a seeker’s feet.

Covered in a carpet woven in autumnal leaves,

It invites all to explore its winding wonders.

And what wonders to behold!

Hark!  Inhale the many exhalations  of the trees that line the Way.

Taste the sweet sweat of the world,  first bequeathed to us from a comet’s demise.

Continue down this path; leave your cares behind.

And at the end—a glen with the best wonder of all:

Friends gathered with welcoming smiles.

A disk spins… “Catch!”


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