Ode to Dr. Ford

He was a favorite uncle,
A babysitter,
A neighbor,
A classmate,
A brother in law,
A cousin,
A modeling agent;
A familiar face in a young woman’s life.
A touch unwanted,
A photograph taken,
A sleep disturbed,
A shirt removed,
A moment stolen,
A scream muffled,
A No unheeded:
“No, no, no, no!”
And then:
Pain unending;
A whisper in a friend’s ear,
A rebuke and a cold shoulder:
“Boys will be boys.”
“Why didn’t you say no louder?”
“Why did you wait so long?”
“How dare you ruin his reputation!”
But I say to you:
Make no excuses for his atrocities,
Collect those tears and triumph over your fears;
Let no man take away your humanity.
You are:
You are more than the sum of his actions;
You deserve to be heard.
Shout from the rooftop for justice;
You survived.
Now, keep surviving;
Live, and live well in spite of the pain.
But don’t fear to grieve innocence stolen,
Or face the naysayers; there are many.
Each day is a puzzle piece of solace returned
Each day another opportunity to bring your light into the world.
Just Shine.

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