We are at Rock bottom.
Divided, a canyon wall separates those of the left and right.
Walking together on separate paths
Seeing altogether different facts
In these #metoo days
Should men worry about being accused?
Or should woman worry about being believed?
“It’s a scary time,” both proclaim
Are humans causing an Earthly detriment?
Or is the Earth warming on her own?
Surely, it’s only one way or another.
And the other is just a conspiracy.
Should we be America first
And celebrate the almighty dollar?
Or should we embrace globalization
And work together on each other’s wealth?
Should I stand
And pledge my allegiance to the flag?
Or should I kneel
And protest institutionalized racism and brutality?
Was the reason jobs fled the heartland
Was because of cheap labor elsewhere?
Or did modern technology automate processes
Replacing the human?
Will no one offer a path out of this abyss?
Certainly not the man in the oval office
Whose 2am tweets dig deeper holes,
And taller walls with barbed wire fences.
And certainly not the Establishment Left
Whose positions have been bought and paid
By the dark money corporations
That they decry of the Right
Somewhere in the middle
a lifeline exists
Someone must have the tools
To bridge the divide
The Mason Dixon line has been drawn in the sand
Unless a solution is found,
The war will wage on
Tearing our country apart.
Let us let go of out heartfelt beliefs for a moment
And consider the truths of the other side.
Let us come together at the top of the wall
And be undivided.

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