Alpha: Epic Poem





Enter in my own world
where man does not exist;
Enter in my own land
where goodness doesn’t resist.
Ye, by my very hand,
a tale I will unfold:

A tale of future time
heard only in the hearts
of the future people.
Yet, every story starts
with a simple staple
in the creator’s mind.

This truth comes together
right now- in the present;
For in the now, the past
echoes a small descent
in future; it is last
and first, but neither.

Only with the present
can the future be formed.
But this future lacks man,
yet it is not forlorn;
Although there be a ban
no person can resent

A fair future story.
Instead of man roaming
throughout the whole wide Earth,
Familiar wind is moaning
about a better birth
into golden glory:

A beautiful creature
all wrapped in mystery,
empowered by heaven
now part of history.
Yet, this is engraven
in another feature.
Oh where now is this man?
Where is this creation?
Did his toils come to naught?
Is civilization
existing to be sought
upon the whole wide land?

Crossed west between mountains
east into daunting sea.
Searching for the tree’s light,
never finding a tree,
flailing into the night;
Where is man’s accountin’?

Shadows of an empire
lost not so long ago
flies up in west skies
and erupts from below.
Come now, come; dry those eyes;
Follow this repertoire:

“Alpha to Omega.
What has been in the past,
will be in the future.
What ever will be last
will become the culture;

Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour.
What a good day it is
for a tale’s beginning.
Let the wind have its bliss
and partake in its sin,
in this deranged overture.

Yes, deranged, I did say.
Who would have thought
man’s reign would come to an end.

All his toils come to naught
and nothing left to send
on into the right ‘Way.’ 3.
And what is this ‘right way’?
Is there a real’ty
that is considered ‘right’?
Can one claim fidel’ty
and call one path the light
when shadows are in day?

Perhaps man went the path
of total righteousness.
Lo, he lived in a state
of total blamelessness.
Maybe he didn’t wait
to give a single laugh

or opportunity.
Yes, he opened the door
for all hungry strangers.
He never wanted more
than what filled his mangers-
Ode to humility!

Yes, he conquered his pride
so that he would not fail.
No amount of bad fear
could make his long life quail
and take goodness, his dear,
away from his side.

With goodness in his heart
and righteousness a guide,
He knew the true right way
and followed it in stride.
Though shadows are in day
He knew what to part:

the night in cold evil
and evil in the light-
Yet, what sin did he commit;
What blemish in his sight
or slowness in his wit
caused such a trouble?
Extinction; nemesis
of any dead species.
Why now did the humans
fail like their lost wishes?
What didn’t they amend?
What blind truth did they miss?

Not fear, just completion
of daily endeavor.
Hominine hope fulfilled
and argument whether
he did as God had willed
in the last tribulation

is answered in fullness
if righteousness prevailed
and evil dead in hearts-
man’s rapture installed
a very means to start
with goodness, yes goodness-

Wait, is that the answer?
Perhaps man did nothing
as the good Lord willed.
In their last great hunting,
their deadly sins killed,
and all that was sore

became that much sorer.
Oh woe to the evil
of civilization!
In man’s pursuit of ill
they found extermination
and in their dreams- horror.

Why would a god suffer
them to continue wrong;
what loving god exists
to listen to their song,
the one that resists
his loving grandeur.
Yet, if that be the cause-
evil and rebellion,
why wait until this time
to punish ten trillion
accused of the base crime
without even a pause?

Why wait so many years?
Why allow transgressions
to turn into further
unanswered questions,
evil, hateful mummers,
and soul eating fears?

There is not an answer.
No truthful solution
solves this dark, deepened plague-
man’s last evolution,-
when the earth cut its leg
containing the cancer.

Yes, a disease was man
to his only true world.
Only later in life
did he care to unfold
bitterness of his wife
and pollution of land.

Birth pains of disaster
Overcame this great race.
No longer could ignore
they were forced to face
what evil brought in store
from actions not mastered.

On that faithful sunrise
the heavens fell to earth
seeking whom it could find.
Destruction became birth.
From farseeing to blind;
All man met his demise.

This is the history
of the land’s old tyrants.
The fae watched this page
and knew they were errant
in their wise eldest age-
much still is mystery.

When the last voice echoed
upon the destrought soil,
a vast doorway opened
from the oldest fae foil.
Now we can never send
any fae to the ode

that was our old home.
War, pride, and jealousy
of the golden dragons
left no room, as you see.
We could not leave bygones.
‘We needed a place to roam!’

The final decision-
made on a starless night.
Why let a big earth waste;
no man was left in sight.
The fae decided to past
the life of precision

upon the earth. Devoid
of its old caretakers,
the earth craved gentle love
without the forsakers,
and welcomed from above
the great fae humanoid.

This story, my children,
starts the lesson you learn.
Listen; listen well.
You will find your own yearn
for the story I do tell-
Let us really begin.


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