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This Autumnal Exisistence

As I walk alone down the path in the woods I search for solace
Step-by-step stumbling along wondering if this step will be my last.
What is this existence? Why must we don these flesh suits and toil all day only to be like the dead at night. Rinse repeat.
The dawn comes whether you want it to or no. The night engulfs all bright thoughts.
The lighthouse guides the mariner through the darkest of nights; As I seek The Shining Star through the gloomiest of moods.
I breathe with the trees, inhale the sweet Florida Air, exhale all my broken promises and dangling dreams.
If only I could photosynthesize like the Summer’s green leaves, produce my own happy energy.
Instead I must fade to red and then brown in this perpetual autumnal exisistence. The days grow short and I wait for winter, dreaming of the Spring that may never come.
But come it must, for though I may never grow from acorn to mighty oak, I will persevere through the changing of the seasons. Even in Autumn, the cool winds of bliss blows upon my brow.

Old Man Willow

Acceptance of Autumn

I walk through the headwinds,
Weathering the storm of life, day after long suffering day
Worn and weathered, grain by grain
Until the the whole is shattered,
Rain of tears fall,
Falls through troughs of daily toil
And along the road of progress.
I brace my soul for the inevitable end;
Breath returns
Inhale, lungs expand
Eyes open to aspirations unobtained
I reach for the window of solace;

Bipolar Diamante




When one door closes,

Another one opens.

A broken heart bleeds

Just for a little while

Then oozes memories for eternity.

Step by Step one moves forward,

But by looking back at the footprints,

One sees the clear path one must tread.

In the sand, the shifting sand,

The waves crashes over the foot etches

Washing the hard lines away.


Summer’s End

But the darkness still lurks behind the shadows of my smiles
and the chasm still lingers just beyond my tattered toes
and the voices still whisper their damning cacophony
and the end of everything still creeps just beneath my skin
Dare I give in?
Dare I listen?
Dare I glance?
Dare I feel?
Dare I sing the song I’ve sung before?
All is waiting for summer’s end.

Global Warming

Ice melts
Sea level rises
polar bears disappear
Oceans acidify
Coral bleaches
Beaches disappear
hurricanes intensify
floods deluge
homes disappear
Fire consumes
beetles populate
forests disappear
drought grows
air temperature rises
water disappears
Famine spreads
diseases abound
food disappears
Politicians argue
Warning signs ignored
Humans disappear