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I, Butterfly

I, Butterfly

What has been written

that has not already been written?

What has been said

that has not already been said?

Is there no new place,

no new frontier

that man and his imagination

have not explored?

Can’t a single sparklight up a darkened room?

Can’t a lonely whisper

give voice to those once silent?

Is there not one action

that cannot change the universe?

Is there not one ripple

that cannot be felt across space and time?



***This is something originally written at least 10 years ago.  It only existed as the words on the left column. I cut many words and added a little balance; I gave it wings so to speak.


Genetically Modified Food… Is it evil?


Like many issues that I do not have enough information about to make a stand on, I have been wondering about the Monsanto crusade and where I stand. I started with this article:  , and this blog,  and have many more to go before I even begin to understand this issue.

First of all, I am not sure if the issue is A. the company, B. against genetically modified food, C. both.

Genetically modifying food in itself is not evil. Humans have been doing it for a looong while…. but calling it cross breeding for specified trait. Granted it took generations of breeding to get the right expressions, hence changing the genetic makeup ever so slightly each generation (or the expressions of thereof of the genes). So now we have the technology to skip this long tedious process and change the genetic code directly….
Again, this in itself isn’t the “evil” part. I don’t know how the end product is any different than waiting generations for the desired result…but again, I need more information in the form of peer reviewed studies verifying this.

Most of the argument that I have come across one way or another seems to be very emotionally driven.  I don’t like to go on “gut” feelings alone.  So, if you have anything that points either direction, please share.

And The Trees Talk to Me


And the trees talk to me in their whispered voices.
Can’t you hear their plea?
Their roots run deep through Earth and time
Their hearts beat as one
Their Arms reach out to the heavens above
In the palm of their hands, they hold the sun
Their very breath is life.

Yet lonely is this voice,

lost among a forest of humanity.

We heed not their cries. We  listen not to their warnings.
They are dead to us; objects to use- a means to an end.
Yet, I hear their plea;
I feel their pain stretching back generations
“The end is neigh,” they whisper

as they wither away leaf by leaf.

“We hold up the sky,”

“If all of our arms shall fall,

than the Earth shall surely die.”

So, fellow denizen of this planet.

Let us heed their sage words

and curb our selfish desires.

Either we shall live with a few wants

or the Earth shall want for a soul forever.

Fairy’s Ball

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Ode to Time

This next post is a poem that I wrote as a senior in high school.  I included in a letter that was supposed to be given to me at my 10 year reunion.  The poem wasn’t that great, but having something from my past was neat!

Ode to Time

Ticking, ticking, Ticking

Invincible, Invisible clock,

The horrible hands hail life eternaltime

Upon death’s destructive door.

Moving, Moving, Moving

Man mirrored miraculously

Moving, moving, moving

Forward finally failing

Falling, falling, falling

Towards truth terrible

Telling, telling, telling,

Lucridous, lucid lies.

Living, living, living

Reliable retched recreation,

Raving, raving, raving

Callous cremated chrematophobia

Calling, calling, calling

Away…always away

Ailing, ailing, ailing

Do deal dangerously

Dying, dying, dying

Upon urgent universes

Urging, urging, urging,

Continuation, corruption, conceit

Confining, confining, confining

Life as life can live: