Sunrise and Sunset in the Fairie Realm

Chapter One: Sunset

Elif the fairy went out to play,

one very warm and sunny day.

As she sat on the blue grass,

she discovered she wasn’t alone;

Tickling her toes, an ant hurriedly passed.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“No time to answer! No time to delay,” the ant replied.

“I am very busy, and you are in my way!”

Wondering if any others were around,

out and about in the dancing sunlight,

Elif got up off the damp and hard ground,

and she beheld a beautiful sight.

A butterfly fluttering in the air,

this way and that way without a care.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“To find a flower with nectar so sweet,” replied the butterfly.

“Follow me, follow me, and I’ll give you a treat.”

Wondering what treat a flower would make,

Elif gladly skipped and followed behind,

Until they reached a big, shimmering lake,

and out of a daisy she did find:

A bee buzzing busily on its way,

from flower to flower- not one did it stay.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“I’m collecting pollen to make my honey,” the bee replied.

“Now I’m going home while it’s still sunny.

Wondering how the bee could fly so fast,

Elif watched as the bee flew over the pond

and stopped at a water lilly’s golden mast,

but jumping from under the green water frond:

A trout with a big mouth and rainbow skin

swallowed the small insect, and grinned.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“Down to deep depths of blue liquid dreams,” the fish replied.

“I hunger no more for the bright sunbeams.”

Wondering what might lie in the cold water,

Elif stared into the murky mists.

Trying to find the Riverman’s daughter,

but before anything could surface,

Two swans with long feathers heavenly white,

sailed to the earth from an godly height.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“We flew where the angelic clouds sing,” replied the swans.

“Now, we rest our tired, weary wings.”

Wondering how the swans could fly so high

amongst the clouds and heavens wide,

Elif watched the sun sink low in the sky.

Suddenly, out of the shadows she spied

Two yellow eyes stalking its prey;

the cat leaped; the swans flew away.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

sleeping fairy

“I go to bed, now the day is done.”

Wondering what creatures come out at dark,

Elif sat down and waited for night.

Yawning, she listened to the cricket’s song,

and fell asleep to the lullaby of twilight.

Chapter Two: Sunrise

Elif the fairy went out to play

one very warm and starry night.

Wondering why the stars shone so bright

Elif laid her head on the grass,

and stared at the tiny pinpricks of brilliant light;

her eyes spied something blazingly pass:

A shooting star from the emerald sky

falling from its lofty throne on high

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“I go to the very end of this Earth,” replied the star.

“Follow me, and I will show you your ancestor’s birth.”

Wondering where the star would fall,

Elif watched its path disappear

just as the star’s light grew dim

Another shining creature came near:

A firefly flitted into her sight

flashing dazzling orange and yellow light

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“I am looking for my mate, my romance,” the firefly replied.

“Join me in this search, this heartfelt dance.”

Wondering what type of show

could cause the hard heart to stir,

Elif followed the firefly’s glow

until it disappeared into a blur

a terrible tongue claimed its meal

its owner, the frog , sealed the deal.

“Where are you going?” Elif asked.

“Back to the water to sing my song,” replied the frog

“You are welcome to listen all night long.”

Wondering how the frog sang so sweet,

Elif watched him inflate his throat

and croak a soothing simple beat,

but she also heard a different note:

An wise old owl, with wings stretched wide

caused the unlucky toad to run and hide.

“Where are you going,” Elif asked.

“I go in search of easier prey,” said the owl.

“The kind that can’t see me and won’t get away.”

Wondering where this tasty meal could be found,

Elif watched the owl turn his ear

at a very faint and squeaky sound

Out of the ground he did hear:

A mouse in the field, now scampering for his life

dodging underground, surviving this strife

“Where are you going,” Elif asked

“Home to my family, and love, at last,” said the mouse.

“Day approaches and the night’s dangers have nearly past.”

Wondering what creatures come out in day,

Elif sat down and began to yawn.

She listened to the sweet mockingbird’s song,

and fell asleep to the lullaby of dawn.


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