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Season of the Haikus

Sadness overwhelms
Dripping from branches of my heart
Winter remains strong
Exuberance is
Bright sunshine upon my brow
Spring brings the thaw
Anxious energy
A vine growing on my spine
Summer’s hot like fire
My mental illness
Becomes smaller as time grows
Autumn’s acceptance

Needs a title (please suggest one in the comments, bonus if it relates to fall)

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”
Words muttered in desperate prayer.
Who is it that you hate?
You of course:
The rough cracked pot
The broken human
Days never ending
The world digging into your heart
Begging for a release
Release from this Juptonian Gravity

“I love you! I love you! I love you!”
Words muttered in thankful meditation.
Who is it that you love?
You of course:
The mended pot
The healed human
Days full of possibilities
The world cradling your heart
Begging for a chance
A chance to make a difference, no matter how small

“I hate you! I love you!”
Which is it today?
Shall you rise and fall with the seasons
Changing anon
For one, you shall surely wither into Winter
And the other, bloom into Spring.
For now, you should embrace both
In the multi colored realm of Fall

This Autumnal Exisistence

As I walk alone down the path in the woods I search for solace
Step-by-step stumbling along wondering if this step will be my last.
What is this existence? Why must we don these flesh suits and toil all day only to be like the dead at night. Rinse repeat.
The dawn comes whether you want it to or no. The night engulfs all bright thoughts.
The lighthouse guides the mariner through the darkest of nights; As I seek The Shining Star through the gloomiest of moods.
I breathe with the trees, inhale the sweet Florida Air, exhale all my broken promises and dangling dreams.
If only I could photosynthesize like the Summer’s green leaves, produce my own happy energy.
Instead I must fade to red and then brown in this perpetual autumnal exisistence. The days grow short and I wait for winter, dreaming of the Spring that may never come.
But come it must, for though I may never grow from acorn to mighty oak, I will persevere through the changing of the seasons. Even in Autumn, the cool winds of bliss blows upon my brow.