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I saw the butterfly
on the cold, grey cement.
At first I mistook it for a leaf,
spring green and spotted with decay.
But upon second glace,
I spied two slender feelers
And one beady black eye,
pleading for help.
I had to touch-
a velvety surprise.
Not like a leaf at all-
rubbery, rough or jagged,
But more like a babe’s bum-
powdered fresh and smooth:

I peeled the butterfly
from the cold, grey cement.
Its guts, splattered by many hard soles,
had plastered it to the sidewalk.
I wondered how a creature of such beauty
had fallen under foot and heal,
Trod upon, and walked over
regardless of saintly stature:
Holding it in one hand
I kept if from harm- if only for a while.
With my other hand
I lit the butterfly ablaze-
consumed, consumed—one last

I released the butterfly’s ashes
to the cold, grey cement.
No longer plastered to this earth
by guts and wings,
But free to fly
upon the winds of a




 Pretty little peacocks

peacock feathers

watching beautiful lies,

displayed as fantasies

on their feather’s eyes.


Let us admire our feathers

and watch our life on stage,

while our soul searches for Camelot;

our mind sees but a page.


Come now, come all,

to Camelot I go;

the dream of purity

and righteousness I shall know.


Tither, tither,

All evil I will forsake;

and never will my quest be ended-

This vow I do make:


Never cease cradling the stars,

or reaching for the hand of God.

Camelot, my dear Camelot,

the only place I will trod.


Its Virtues I embrace,

insidiously good virtues,

and hold them as my light

Lo, it banishes all the night.


And if silent death

shall capture me before

I find my Camelot

and open its door-


Then bury me

in my feather’s tears,

so I may dream of Camelot

for the rest of my years.

Cloud Watching


As the girls and I drive the long trek to PC from Tally, Willow says, “Look, Mom, that cloud looks like an elephant.  It has a long trunk to clean itself.”  Of course Sarah has to disagree, “No, it’s a fish!”

White fluffy cumulus clouds flittering across the sky…it is incredibly dusty up there in the clouds.  Without the dust specks, the water vapor couldn’t condense into the droplets we see as “clouds.”  Coriolis winds at the mid to upper troposphere keep these droplets aloft.

SO, Chicken Little, what would happen if the world stopped turning??  **The sky is falling**

Yup, right into my Firefox.

Cloud drive; that is the name for the space reserved just for my data in the cypersky (well, my mind had already ascended there ages ago).   I wonder what shape is my cloud? Fluffy trees or cotton blobs probably.  I just hope that there is enough cyber wind to hold up all that data.

I partially solved my laptop dilemma with depositing my work in the cloud and accessing it on my smartphone.  I have two “cloud” accounts- one with Amazon Prime and one with my FSU email, and I could get countless more “free” accounts.

Seriously  though, what would I do with all that space? Some people are using up to a terabyte. All my data barely adds up to half a gig.

I guess anyone with a business or a large movie collection would want extra backup.  But for the average smo, 5 gigs (the size of most free clouds) is plenty.

So which service is the best?   This sounds like a good market analysis project.  Any takers?

Feedback:  Do you compute on cloud?  If so, which service do you use?