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I, Butterfly

I, Butterfly

What has been written

that has not already been written?

What has been said

that has not already been said?

Is there no new place,

no new frontier

that man and his imagination

have not explored?

Can’t a single sparklight up a darkened room?

Can’t a lonely whisper

give voice to those once silent?

Is there not one action

that cannot change the universe?

Is there not one ripple

that cannot be felt across space and time?



***This is something originally written at least 10 years ago.  It only existed as the words on the left column. I cut many words and added a little balance; I gave it wings so to speak.


Six Cube

In the mode of T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland,” I am writing my own epic poem.  To do this I created my own meter and rhyme scheme:

For now it is titled, “alpha,” and it is very much a work in progress.  I only have 2 six quatres completed.  Ha, at this rate it will be a life time’s work.  I not even sure I classify it as “worth fixin.”

Anyway, I often use just the first part, or the “six cube” as a type of sonnet.  Here is an example:


Enter in my own world
where man does not exist;
Enter in my own land
where goodness doesn’t resist.
Ye, by my very hand,
a tale I will unfold:

A tale of future time
heard only in the hearts
of the future people.
Yet, every story starts
with a simple staple
in the creator’s mind.

This truth comes together
right now- in the present;
For in the now, the past
echoes a small descent
in future; it is last
and first, but neither.

Only with the present
can the future be formed.
But this future lacks man,
yet it is not forlorn;
Although there be a ban
no person can resent

A fair future story.
Instead of man roaming
throughout the whole wide Earth,
Familiar wind is moaning
about a better birth
into golden glory:

A beautiful creature
all wrapped in mystery,
empowered by heaven
now part of history.
Yet, this is engraven
in another feature.

As I stare into the Heavens…..



Science and Fantasy have played a big part in my life.  I read science journals and watch documentaries (sometimes into the wee hours of the night).  One idea has me in its grasps: The idea that the universe will not last forever; eventually the energy of the stars will be expended.   What will happen then?  Here is start of something (I hope):



Cloud Watching


As the girls and I drive the long trek to PC from Tally, Willow says, “Look, Mom, that cloud looks like an elephant.  It has a long trunk to clean itself.”  Of course Sarah has to disagree, “No, it’s a fish!”

White fluffy cumulus clouds flittering across the sky…it is incredibly dusty up there in the clouds.  Without the dust specks, the water vapor couldn’t condense into the droplets we see as “clouds.”  Coriolis winds at the mid to upper troposphere keep these droplets aloft.

SO, Chicken Little, what would happen if the world stopped turning??  **The sky is falling**

Yup, right into my Firefox.

Cloud drive; that is the name for the space reserved just for my data in the cypersky (well, my mind had already ascended there ages ago).   I wonder what shape is my cloud? Fluffy trees or cotton blobs probably.  I just hope that there is enough cyber wind to hold up all that data.

I partially solved my laptop dilemma with depositing my work in the cloud and accessing it on my smartphone.  I have two “cloud” accounts- one with Amazon Prime and one with my FSU email, and I could get countless more “free” accounts.

Seriously  though, what would I do with all that space? Some people are using up to a terabyte. All my data barely adds up to half a gig.

I guess anyone with a business or a large movie collection would want extra backup.  But for the average smo, 5 gigs (the size of most free clouds) is plenty.

So which service is the best?   This sounds like a good market analysis project.  Any takers?

Feedback:  Do you compute on cloud?  If so, which service do you use?