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My America, The Eagle Distressed

My, America, the Eagle Distressed


To even contemplate that we, as a nation, are akin to an Eagle— one with the Freedom of the skies; to have the time, the Liberty, to speak about this noble bird in any manner with total impunity, without fear of mortal retribution or imprisonment, is absolutely the epitome of said Liberty, our Constitution eternal.

Yet, these very Freedoms that we have been given, and the idle time for such contemplation, has placed our nation in distress. Our nation, the majestic Eagle, appears to be tearing itself apart.

The left wing bites at the right wing,
right wing pulls off feathers from the left wing,
Until not enough remain and our Eagle nation flounders

Meanwhile, vultures gather hungrily,
waiting, watching the sky for discarded wingbits–
hoping that they’ll get more than pieces.

Where the vultures lurk, we do not wish to go.
We do not wish to be ripped apart and subjugated to Theocratic rule,
intestines bared and bones scattered.

I wish that we all would look past our own feathers,
if only for a minute,
and relish the heights that we have gained.

I pray, I meditate on the words set forth in our grand contract: “[no person shall] be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process.” So, think again if you desire to pluck the vane from the feather on the other wing, even if it seems to not belong with your own. “ALL persons born or naturalized in the United states… are citizens of the United States.”

Shall we climb higher or go to the vultures domain?
Shall our words lift the other wing, even with respectful dissent?
Or Shall we continue to pluck out that which offends until there are only vanes of the same colour?
Can we afford to ignore that we indeed, The Left Wing and Right wing,
are essential if our great nation is to stay in Flight?


I, Butterfly

I, Butterfly

What has been written

that has not already been written?

What has been said

that has not already been said?

Is there no new place,

no new frontier

that man and his imagination

have not explored?

Can’t a single sparklight up a darkened room?

Can’t a lonely whisper

give voice to those once silent?

Is there not one action

that cannot change the universe?

Is there not one ripple

that cannot be felt across space and time?



***This is something originally written at least 10 years ago.  It only existed as the words on the left column. I cut many words and added a little balance; I gave it wings so to speak.

Genetically Modified Food… Is it evil?


Like many issues that I do not have enough information about to make a stand on, I have been wondering about the Monsanto crusade and where I stand. I started with this article:  http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/are-biotech-foods-safe-to-eat  , and this blog, http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t931416/  and have many more to go before I even begin to understand this issue.

First of all, I am not sure if the issue is A. the company, B. against genetically modified food, C. both.

Genetically modifying food in itself is not evil. Humans have been doing it for a looong while…. but calling it cross breeding for specified trait. Granted it took generations of breeding to get the right expressions, hence changing the genetic makeup ever so slightly each generation (or the expressions of thereof of the genes). So now we have the technology to skip this long tedious process and change the genetic code directly….
Again, this in itself isn’t the “evil” part. I don’t know how the end product is any different than waiting generations for the desired result…but again, I need more information in the form of peer reviewed studies verifying this.

Most of the argument that I have come across one way or another seems to be very emotionally driven.  I don’t like to go on “gut” feelings alone.  So, if you have anything that points either direction, please share.

Fairy’s Ball

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The cutting knife

Seriousness: that which is of importance, grave, critical, or somber (dictionary.com).  In order to make my writing become something of critical importance, I have prioritzed at least thirty minutes each day to do something writing related.  Tonight I sifted through old poems and placed them into two categories: tripe, and worth fixin’.  I didn’t realize I had so much of the 1st category and not enough of the 2nd.  I guess I need to get busy! 

Here is an example of sonnet I think is worth fixin’:


July 21, 2000


Oh ye of the night, be not ‘fraid of the light.

For it defines the darkness you live.

Oh ye of the light, be not ‘fraid of the night,

for even unto moon the sun must give.


Antithesis: day, night; sun and moon light.

Each gives definition to its host.

To each other’s light one must never spite

if another prefers the other the most.


For the sunlight gives way to the night.

And this for one person is sublime.

Yet the night will give way to sunlight.

And for ‘nother person is the right time.


From dusk to dawn to dawn to gentle night.

Everything begins and ends with the light.


Stanza one and the final couplet are not too shabby.  However, there are issues with the number of syllables per line (not to mention that it is *not* iambic pentameter).  AND the rhyme scheme in stanza two is somewhat lacking. I want a beta reader; editing my own work is difficult.  I have left this poem to stew for a very long time (11 1/2 years) and it still needs much polishing. 

Even if I were to fix these issues, I doubt I could publish it standalone. I still need to pair this with more sonnets or write prose to accompany it.   My initial though upon rereading this poem was the current polarized nation.  Regardless of the route I take, I need to get crackin’!