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aSocial Butterfly


Oh Butterfly,
Trapped in a prison of its own device-
Four walls and a floor made of glass;
comfortably confining, a contradiction.
It stares out at the world through these walls
wishing, pining, hoping for release.
Yet, the release that it desires
comes at time of its own choosing-
It need only spread its wings
and soar towards the heavens;
to the freedom of the skies,
To the saintly touch of another.
But these glass walls magnify the world,
Distorting its view-
Creating monsters that seem bigger and closer
than they really are.
Even though freedom beckons,
Fright holds its wings closed.
Yet, when Fear takes hold
The Lepidoptera need only close its eyes,
feel the breeze from above,
and trust in the power of its lissome wings
to overcome the vast visions
of its self imposed confinement.
So, fair sky Contessa,
Shall you shudder behind glass all your short life,
and watch the fugacious world fade away?
or will you transform your fear into courage
and leave your four walls behind?
trapped no more in a prison of your own device
Oh Butterfly?

In Dreams




“In Dreams we bloom, soaring beyond Time and Space.”
dream turtle

In this moment I grieve for thee


I stand as you stood many times before

laboring over dirty dishes in the sink.

As the warm water washes over my hands,

I gaze at the flowers in the window sill

and wonder if you smiled as I smile now,

smelling the sweet Calla lilies brought to you by little hands.

Did you sigh in relief as the dawn bubbles

removed the final crumbs from the pan,

the pan that you used to bake a cake for every year of my life.

Did your mind ever drift away–

as your hands continued their mindless task,

away through the window, down the driveway,

and the lane where we walked to Church together every Sunday.

As I stand in the echo of your memory,

drying the Just Flowers dinner plates

that served your cheese potatoes and other delights for countless family diners,

I wonder that if I complete this same task, touch this same plate

that you touched just a month before,

if I stand on the same tiles worn smooth by your feet,

will it reverse time, just for this moment,

and allow you to be with me once again.

A Walk in the Park


Somewhere in the distance, civilization drones on;

But here, in this pocket of nature, its presence is only heralded by detritus on the trail.

Place one foot forward, and then another

Kicking the leaves before, leaving  soft footprints behind.

Watch the sunlight trickle between the fingers of the trees,

Giving light to all weary walkers.

Step lightly over the steadfast bridge, rubbing hands along the knotty pine rail.

Be as the cat on yonder log-

Eyes shut, ears wide open, listening to the creek’s gurgling song.

Glide away from the bridge,

stepping onto a trail worn smooth by many a seeker’s feet.

Covered in a carpet woven in autumnal leaves,

It invites all to explore its winding wonders.

And what wonders to behold!

Hark!  Inhale the many exhalations  of the trees that line the Way.

Taste the sweet sweat of the world,  first bequeathed to us from a comet’s demise.

Continue down this path; leave your cares behind.

And at the end—a glen with the best wonder of all:

Friends gathered with welcoming smiles.

A disk spins… “Catch!”

I, Butterfly

I, Butterfly

What has been written

that has not already been written?

What has been said

that has not already been said?

Is there no new place,

no new frontier

that man and his imagination

have not explored?

Can’t a single sparklight up a darkened room?

Can’t a lonely whisper

give voice to those once silent?

Is there not one action

that cannot change the universe?

Is there not one ripple

that cannot be felt across space and time?



***This is something originally written at least 10 years ago.  It only existed as the words on the left column. I cut many words and added a little balance; I gave it wings so to speak.

Stars and Stripes Forever


To all who received a flag
instead of a loved one’s embrace:

I am sorry that I cannot bring
you another touch, another glance or heart beat.
I cannot stop the tears flowing from your eyes
or comfort your children’s fears
I cannot return to you
a life that was lost
or fix a body broken.

Yet, I can offer this stars and stripes
to eternalize this soldier’s service.
Please accept this token, this monument
in hopes that you will remember
His ultimate sacrifice.
For he gave his heart, his all
to uphold the edges of Freedom’s wall.

Freedom’s Wall

wallIn Memorial

A Wall stands at the edge of our freedom
Each brick bound with blood and dreams
laid upon the ground
sacrifice by sacrifice
and cemented together with hopes of better tomorrows.
And this wall stands firm.
Protecting ALL from threats both domestic and foreign.
Though many may try to topple and break through;
Though pieces are ripped apart and broken,
It will not crumble, it will not fail.
Yet, the Wall requires ever vigilance.
Each guard watching, waiting, fighting, standing tall.
Never failing to hold tight to the boundaries
that keep us safe at night.
If any should stumble, if any should fall,
then another is ready to take his stand.
Yet, that brave fallen will not be forgotten,
but returned in remembrance eternal.
Stars and stripes will he receive
and the honor
that even for only a breath,
he held up freedom’s wall