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Taking the Plunge: Self Publication

So, I have decided that I am going to compile a short chapbook to give away and possibly sell during poetry readings.  I love making books, and this will be no exception.  The last book I made, I used paper I created (complete with flowers) and sewed it together by hand.

My list of questions:

1. Which poems should I include?

2.Should I also include my photography?

3.What should I name it??

4. How many should I make??

5. What materials should I use?

I googled, “How to make a chapbook.” and found a good 8 sheet template (16 book pages).

I am using the following resources to help in this endeavor:



I will be posting updates including photos to document this exciting event. 🙂


Fairy’s Ball

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Ok, now what?

Since 4th grade I have viewed myself as a writer. Everything I see ends up on a napkin or notebook in some form of driblet or another.   However, there never seemed to be the time to actually complete a piece and follow through with formal presentation.  So, I decided to give myself the proverbial kick in the butt and start making time.  I have not only set aside time to write, but also research the best publishing/marketing methods.

Thank you David Gaughran for your book, “Let’s Get Digital.”  He described the best paths to self publishing and marketing through amazon and smashwords.  I took his advise to heart– especially that of just keep writing.  However, after taking the time to read through his book and conduct market research, I realized that I will probably need to publish via more traditional routes.  I write poetry that lends itself to children’s picture books.

Amazon currently has 8,976 Kindle picture books… I wonder how anyone could find my book if I choose that route.  It would be like a shell among the others on a beach.  How could I make mine more appealing?

Another option would be to write short fiction/novels around my poetry.  Some of my favorite authors include their poetry in their fiction: Madeline L’Engle and Tolkien for one.

Perhaps I am still getting ahead of myself.  I need to finish something first!

But now this dream has become a “when” and not an “if” for me; It will happen.