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This Human Condition, a villanelle.

In this human race
Who am I to be?
My mind, lost in this space.
Heart beats apace
The rhythm: humanity
In this human race
Can you find a place
In this galactic sea?
My mind, lost in this space
Can you be erased
from the cacophony?
In this human race.
Can you be replaced
from the family tree?
My mind, lost in this space
Longing for grace,
Days stretched out to infinity.
In this human race
my mind, lost in this space

Water is Life



Upon this rock, this land,

I pledge my heart; I pledge my hand.

Water is life; I stand-


Water protectors hand in hand,

1st Nations and veterans stand,

Upon this rock, this land.


Promises given, promises taken, and

Ripped away by a soldier’s hand;

Water is life; They stand-


Eye to eye across the sand,

Defenders, desecrators, take a stand,

Upon his rock, this land.


The fight-  the soul of the land.

Which one shall win this hand?

Water is life; You stand-


Upon the Earth, our only land.

Promises should be kept as planned.

Upon this rock, this land;

Water is Life; We stand.


NOTE: The image was captured during a Dakota Access Pipeline and Sabal Trail Pipeline Protest on the FL capitol lawn.